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Active Shooter Awareness

Columbine. Sandy Hook. Virginia Tech. The United States continues to experience a wide variety of mass shootings, resulting in a call to action for increased public education on early warning signs. Our Active Shooter Awareness training program provides insights on how to prepare your facility to deter an incident and subsequently respond to such a crisis.

  • Discover strategies necessary to proactively identify behaviors prior to an active shooter attack
  • Learn about the latest tactics recommended for preparing your operations, including building modifications, access procedures, and awareness training for employees and residents

Emergency Management Systems

Effective disaster management starts long before the incident occurs. In this day and age, proper preparation and organization is more than a luxury—it’s a necessity. The Emergency Management Systems training program focuses on successful strategies, tactics, and systems successfully used by David over the course of his thirty-plus-year career in fire service and emergency management. You will walk away with guidance on the use of visual controls, organizational structure, and training needed to bring your crisis response team’s skills to the next level.

  • Learn about the latest emergency management tools and tactics.
  • Build your skills with proven strategies.

Business Crisis Management

In today’s world, your business is exposed to risk at all times, from all angles. Through our Business Crisis Management program, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the many ways your business can be devastated by unexpected risk.

  • Gain a greater awareness of the risk affecting your business.
  • Learn the key elements of a good business continuity plan.

Managing Volunteers and Resources

When disaster strikes, people and organizations are eager to provide support. How you manage the available resources—including volunteers, food, equipment, and services—can be paramount to the success of your recovery efforts. Often, the help comes very early in the incident and all at once, leading to unnecessary waste and frustration.

  • Learn practical instruction on organizing and directing volunteers
  • Uncover strategies to efficiently manage supplies and physical resources

Media Management Training

Media management is a critical skill for any high-profile incident. To be a successful public information officer you need a solid understanding of how the media works and how the media can be leveraged in support of your objectives. Learn how to generate a compassionate, credible message in a stressful environment.

  • Learn how to use the media as a value-added asset during your crisis
  • Discover strategies to best utilize social media

Compassionate Leadership

Compassion is an underrated and underutilized skill for emergency personnel. However, it’s an attribute that can be extremely effective, especially when emotions are running high during and after a crisis. The Compassionate Leadership training program provides actionable insight and awareness necessary to lead in a firm yet sensitive manner.

  • Learn how to add compassion and empathy to your leadership skill-set.
  • Hear about David’s actions and tactics during disaster management of Continental Flight 3407.

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