A wide variety of management and technical consulting services.

Interactive Safety Services, LLC

Interactive Safety Services is a safety company that has a combined experience of more than fifty years in the safety and emergency management industries. Our trainers provide safety compliance training, personalized business consultations and customized presentations that will enhance your company’s needs. Whether you are a private company, a government agency or an organization in need of safety compliance assistance and support we may have the solution you are looking for. We work harder so that you can work safe!

General Industry

The General Industry working environments vary widely and can result in a variety of risk exposures for employees. Interactive Safety Services specializes in identifying those exposures and assisting in the reduction or elimination of these at-risk conditions through a variety of root-cause tools. Interactive Safety Services is committed to a zero-loss culture for your organization using more than fifty years of field experience and proven results. An Interactive Safety Services trainer will instill a “best practice” attitude in your employees while improving their personal accountability towards working safely.

Construction Safety

Interactive Safety Services specializes in identifying at-risk conditions in any construction environment. Our team of seasoned safety professionals brings more than fifty years of onsite experience to your project resulting in risk reduction and elimination creating a safer work site for your employees. Our trainers use proven training skills designed to raise the technical mastery of the construction worker at every level while instilling a sense of personal ownership towards their personal safety.

Emergency Management

Interactive Safety Services has a number of Emergency Management Specialists who have extensive experience and training in EMS, fire service and disaster management. We provide hands on training exercises and facilitate drills. Our proven tactics and strategies offer assistance and ideas that can be implemented into any operations plan. Our training and presentation strategies include an interactive relationship between the presenter and the audience.

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