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DAVID BISSONETTE is an expert on safety and emergency management who believes that compassionate leadership is the key to navigating crisis situations effectively. With over 30 years of experience in his field, David has seen what it takes to
lead with authority and compassion, taking into account the needs of all parties involved, including victims’ friends and family, first responders, volunteers, the media, and the community as a whole. In times of crisis, it’s natural to look to a
strong leader to show the way forward and give hope. David shows you how to be that leader. David had first-hand experience putting his beliefs into practice under the toughest of circumstances. As disaster coordinator of Clarence, NY, he was responsible for handling the aftermath of the fatal Continental 3407 crash that happened in his town in 2009. The crash killed 50 people and rocked the community. He recounts the experience, as well as lessons learned, in his book Flight 3407: Compassionate Leadership In The Face of Disaster.

David is a highly respected speaker whose keynote presentations include:

  • “When Disaster Strikes” – David shares the challenges and lessons that came out of the crash of Flight 3407
  • “Compassionate Leadership” – David explains how to act boldly yet considerately in times of crisis
  • “Accommodating All Variables” – David talks about how to prepare for the unexpected

David is also a trainer and consultant to government agencies, private companies,
and other organizations through his company Interactive Safety Services, LLC, on
the topics of active shooter awareness, emergency management systems, business
crisis management, and more.

“David Bissonette not only is a soughtafter resource within our organization (General Mills Inc.), but he’s a very active and passion-ate safety leader in our local community. I’ve had the opportunity to see him in action during training situations as well as crisis modes, and I’m always impressed by his knowledge, calming demeanor, and ability to deeply engage stakeholders. He embraces the opportunity to educate others on how to effectively navigate difficult situations, and this book is yet another example of him leveraging his expertise to make a difference.”

Allen Brown, Plant Manager,
General Mills (Buffalo, NY)


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